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6 Main Things Every Mother Should Be Doing After Having A Baby

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Thank You Michelle Ishio! I loved the book "My Baby Hijacked My Body, Now I Want It Back!". I felt more empowered with my postpartum recovery, (particularly my pelvis floor muscles). I can't imagine my future pregnancies without the Ishio Method. Lana S.

I can't tell you how much the Ishio Method - Post Pregnancy Rehab Principles and Protocols made the difference between the way I struggled with recovering after my first pregnancy, and having a much better experience with my 3rd pregnancy! ... Angie L.

Thanks PostPregnancyRehab.com for providing me with great advice for my exercise during pregnancy, and after pregnancy exercises as well. I could not have done it without this support. Thanks! Linh T.

I have to admit that I've been a bit lazy with my postpartum care since I've been so overwhelmed. The Ishio Method Principles saved me. I couldn't believe how effective such simple concepts worked! Why isn't this common information for postpartum recovery?!
Laura J.

Thanks Michelle Ishio. "My Baby Hijacked My Body and Now I Want It Back" really made my postpartum recovery more clear. I was focusing more on fitness exercises, rather than the abdominal and pelvis floor muscle exercises that needed to come first. I wasn't aware until after reading your book. I recommend your post pregnancy abdominal and pelvis floor exercises to everyone I can...I know that we need to get the word out to moms. Suzy H.

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